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Concord Celebrates A Healthcare Hero

Wheelersburg Nursing Home

October 9, 2020
We're all a-boo-ut celebrating our great team members at Concord. Julz Long is our hero of the week. She serves the activities department and she does a very ghoul-d job. Okay, enough Halloween puns. But seriously she's great. And many people on our team left her little notes about what makes her such a key part of the Concord Culture of Care.

Julz is:
"Fun Loving"
"A key part to the Concord Team!"
"Always puts residents first"
"Has a personality that brightens up everyone's day"
"Brings out the best in people"

See the ghost in the picture to learn more.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has been tough for all of us in the Concord family, it is smiling faces and loving hearts like that of Julz Long that helps each resident and employee find joy each day. Julz is a strong leader in the Activities Department and brings creativity, life, and fun to everything she does.

It is these characteristics of Julz Long that remind us of our Core Values. Specifically, she is a shining example of Core Value #5 – “Be the reason that a resident smiled today, that a nurse when home on time, that a housekeeper had one less spill to clean up” and Core Value #9 – “Build a positive team and family atmosphere.” For more information on the Core Values of Concord Health & Rehabilitation and our Parent Company, Foundations Health Solutions, click the link below.

Our Core Values

Activities are a vital part of the life of Concord Health & Rehabilitation. Each month, a new activity calendar is created in the facility that is created based on the preferences and wishes of our residents. Even in the midst of the Covid pandemic, we have group and solo activities each day.

To learn more about Concord Health and Rehabilitation, and to see if it may be the right place for your loved one, reach out to us by clicking the link below!

Contact Us

Thank you Julz for being a true manifestation of our Core Values at Concord and Foundations Health!

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